Fairtrade Gold

Fine and Fair

“During an event about Fairtrade Gold in London in 2015, I heard first-hand, from a miner, the life changing and positive impact that Fairtrade has had for her, her family and community.
She told us how amazed she and her colleagues had been when they received a piece of equipment that meant that a job that usually took days, now only took a few hours. She also explained that she and her team had been unaware of the dangers of some of the chemicals they used, which had previously put the health and lives of themselves and their families at risk. Her stories really moved me and I decided that Fairtrade Gold was the only way forward for Natalie Perry Jewellery.”

What is Fairtrade Gold?

Buying Fairtrade Gold means you’re making a huge difference to the lives of small-scale and artisanal miners, their families and communities. It enables miners to receive a fair price for their gold ensuring financial independence; as well as healthcare, education and support for environmental projects, all of which improve their living and working conditions.

Why is it so important?

Mining is one of the most dangerous industries in the world, with miners often working in the remotest places and the harshest conditions. Small scale mines often have little to no health and safety practices and child labour is still a concern. Fairtrade is changing this by implementing and maintaining strict standards of health and safety at the mines, whilst also protecting women’s rights and abolishing child labour. There are currently 16 million small scale miners and over 100 million people directly affected by this industry – by buying Fairtrade Gold, you are making a positive difference to the lives of these people.

Where does our Fairtrade Gold come from?

Our ethical gold is currently sourced from the Sotrami Mine in Peru, high in the mountainous peaks of the Andes. To ensure the traceability of our jewellery, each piece is marked with the Fairtrade Gold Stamp at the London Assay Office, alongside the traditional jewellery hallmarks. That special, little mark means you’ve made a difference. Jewellery made from Fairtrade Gold not only looks great, but feels great too. We believe in traceability, responsibility and sustainability, which is why all Natalie Perry jewellery is fine and fair.

Fairtrade Gold is creating an exciting future for the jewellery industry and we’re thrilled that we and our customers can be part of it!

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