Echoing your own curious spirit, Natalie Perry Jewellery embodies freedom and creativity. Behind her work are stories of journeys taken and hidden wonders unearthed.

With distinctive gemstones and a free-spirited aesthetic, Natalie draws you into a world where even the most unexpected inspiration is transformed. Each piece weaves a story, celebrating the beauty found in imperfection and individuality.

Crafted in recycled gold and sustainably sourced gemstones, Natalie creates bohemian heirlooms to journey through life with you, wherever that path may lead.


A tapestry of varied influences is the heartbeat of Natalie Perry Jewellery. Inspiration thrives in the most unexpected of places, and in Natalie’s travels around the globe she unearths her ideas. Anywhere that excites a sense of discovery is a source of creative fuel, from antique markets to ancient ruins.

Each destination, each experience, could be the potential spark of an idea. Often, it is the overlooked corners that catch her attention. Combining uniquely designed motifs with meaningful, characterful gemstones, Natalie transforms moments of discovery into tangible pieces of jewellery.

Curiosity and discovery run through Natalie’s work, from inspiration to design. Secret and symbolic details, from flower motifs to hidden gemstones, fill every facet of her work with storytelling.


Drawing on her formative training in traditional Indian fine jewellery, Natalie’s work is handcrafted with an array of beautiful techniques, from the ancient art of wax carving and casting to hand-formed detailing.

Signature touches arise from experimentation with traditional methods. Natalie’s distinctive scalloped diamond setting nods to the Kundan setting style of Indian wedding jewellery, while her characteristic entwined texture weaves strands of solid gold into tactile accents.

While Natalie’s inspiration is global, her craft is decidedly local. Every piece is crafted in Natalie’s home workshop in Shropshire or her studio in The Goldsmiths' Centre, London.

About the designer

Natalie’s signature fine jewellery style can be traced to a serendipitous trip to India. Awarded the Isabella Blow Scholarship in the final year of her jewellery degree studies, Natalie took the opportunity to travel to India to work with traditional fine jewellers.

Exposed to fine jewellery for the first time, Natalie’s passion for precious materials and gemstones was ignited. Bewitched by the intricate craft traditions of India, a fascination for handcrafting and extraordinary gemstones was born.

Natalie launched her brand at London Fashion Week in 2017, with a debut collection inspired by the ethereal beauty of the abandoned Rani Mahal fort in Bundi, India. Every collection since reflects her skill for capturing the essence of a place in jewellery.

In every corner of the world, Natalie seeks out the unexpected and finds inspiration in the details. From exploring the lesser-trodden paths of India or Greece, unearthing treasures in antique emporiums and flea markets, or immersing herself in the beauty of nature, Natalie’s experiences feed her designs.

Through her work, Natalie immortalises the beauty of imperfection and the stories of her journeys. Filled with a spirit of discovery, Natalie Perry Jewellery celebrates your own sense of creativity and wonder.

Natalie Perry Jewellery celebrates creativity and wonder. Bohemian heirlooms immortalise stories of imperfection and individuality.

Natalie Perry Portrait