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About Natalie Perry

Natalie developed her jewellery style and craft at Middlesex University after completing a Batchelor’s degree in Jewellery & Accessories in 2014. During this time Natalie went to work as a designer for leading diamond and gemstone specialists, Kothari Jewels in Jaipur, where she specialised in fine hand rendering of traditional Kundan Meena jewellery. It was this experience that cemented her love for India and formed the basis of her jewellery collections.

Upon her return to London, she assisted leading British jewellery designer, Alice Cicolini before moving into the vibrant world of jewellery PR, where she managed several British and international jewellery brands.

After a few years behind the scenes, Natalie set up her anticipated jewellery brand in 2016.

Natalie is a keen traveller and continues to collect stories and experiences from around the world, recording them with her beloved camera, always searching for inspiration for her future collections.

“A magnificent flower slowly wilting and occasionally dropping a petal, its brilliance fading, its stalk bending ever lower.”
Comment on the Mughal Empire. Stuart Cary Welch. India: Art & Culture 1300-1900. 1985.