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About Natalie

Echoing your own curious spirit, Natalie Perry Jewellery embodies freedom and creativity. Behind her work are stories of journeys taken and hidden wonders unearthed.

With distinctive gemstones and a free-spirited aesthetic, Natalie draws you into a world where even the most unexpected inspiration is transformed. Each piece weaves a story, celebrating the beauty found in imperfection and individuality.

Crafted in recycled gold and sustainably sourced gemstones, Natalie creates bohemian jewellery heirlooms to journey through life with you, wherever that path may lead.

About Natalie


FLORAL FRAGMENTS celebrates the disintegrating beauty found within the fading monuments of India. It is inspired by the crumbling paintings that adorn the walls of the Rani Mahal in Bundi, Rajasthan. Once an opulent and impressive palace, it is now an abandoned fort overgrown with lush fauna and overrun with wild monkeys.

Echoing the allure Natalie sees in the decaying murals and broken patterns of the fort, the collection is built around a fragmented floral motif which represents strength, completeness and femininity for the wearer. Depicted in delicate gold filigree and embellished with diamonds it hints at the palace’s forgotten grandeur and imagines the jewellery treasures of the women who once lived there.


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